Serviced Offices

Turbino Serviced Offices provide you with a flexible workspace, motivated service staff and the latest IT and communication technology. Our Serviced Offices match the new trend when renting office space: a fully equipped office solution, including telephone answering service, incoming calls answered in your company name as well as mail address service, a professional address for your business. When you are looking for serviced offices in the heart of Copenhagen's city district, Turbino Serviced offices is the right choice.
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Virtual Offices
With a Virtual Office in Copenhagen, you will have an attractive and professional company address in the heart of Copenhagen's city district - as well as a daily mail-forwarding service to any address in the world. Furthermore incoming calls are answered in your company name and you are provided with voice-mail with 24/7 accessibility. In short you get many of the advantages of a Serviced Office, however without paying for the office space. At our Serviced Offices we can provide you with a virtual office today.
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Meeting Rooms in Copenhagen

Flexible meeting rooms in Copenhagen.
Turbino’s meeting rooms are ideal for business meetings. When using our meeting rooms at our serviced offices, you automatically benefit from all the services offered at our serviced offices: multilingual service staff, broadband Internet connection, colour printing and copying facilities. Check out our serviced offices in Copenhagen.
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Hot Spotting

Hot Spotting or coworking at Turbino is a flexible new way of providing office space, fully serviced workstations and serviced offices. It allows you to enjoy 1GB broadband connectivity as well as a range of other benefits - including flexibility and a sense of freedom - right in the heart of Copenhagen. All of this at a very affordable cost. Our serviced Offices package can help you solve your workspace problems on a pay-as-you-go basis.
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Telephone Answering Service

With Turbino’s Telephone Answering Service all incoming calls directed to your company are answered in your company name. At out Serviced offices you will have a dedicated telephone number for your business as well as voice mail with 24/7 accessibility. Others services include message forwarding, access to IP telephony. Access to meeting rooms, conference facilities, and other services.
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Features at Turbino

Features at Turbino include fully Serviced Offices and Open Space office environments, a lounge area and café, 10 MB Fiber Internet access, fixed and wireless IT infrastructure, meeting and conference rooms, wireless telephones, printing, fax and photocopying facilities, office services, personal Mailbox. A Serviced Office in Copenhagen and Telephone Answering on a pay-as-you-go basis.
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Virtual Office in Copenhagen
Virtual Office in Copenhagen
Address Service in Copenhagen
Address Service in Copenhagen
Phoneanswering in Copenhagen
Phoneanswering in Copenhagen
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