Telephone Answering

At Turbino, we encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. We offer you a telephone answering service which is the ultimate cost-effective way for a small company to set up a Copenhagen base.

When you choose a telephone answering service solution from Turbino, your clients will be welcomed by our professionally trained staff when they call you.

Our Telephone Answering Service includes the following features:
Incoming calls are answered in your company name
A voice-mail with 24/7 accessibility
A message-forwarding service

You also have access to Turbino's state-of-the-art conference, meeting and Hot Spotting facilities, as well as all the other services we offer, on a simple pay-as-you-go basis

Turbino Telephone Answering Service in Copenhagen:

A dedicated telephone number for your business
Incoming calls answered in your company name
Voice mail with 24/7 accessibility
Message forwarding service
Pay-as-you-go access to meeting rooms, conference facilities, and other services.
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